Multiple Inference documentation#

A statistics package for comparing multiple parameters (e.g., multiple treatments, policies, or subgroups).

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Multiple inference techniques outperform standard methods like OLS and IV estimation for comparing multiple parameters. For example, this post shows how to apply Bayesian estimators to a randomized control trial testing many interventions to increase vaccination rates.

Start here#

Click the badges below to launch a Jupyter Binder with a ready-to-use virtual environment and template code.

This binder is an 80-20 solution for multiple inference.
This binder is for inference after ranking.


Install the latest stable build.

$ pip install conditional-inference

Install the latest dev build.

$ pip install git+


Please submit issues here.


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I would like to thank Isaiah Andrews, Toru Kitagawa, Adam McCloskey, and Jeff Rowley for invaluable feedback on my early drafts.

My issue templates are based on the statsmodels issue templates.